This Space is Shifting!

Hello lovelies,

I am really excited to start rebooting Shadow Rose, and expanding into a new space. I removed the “herbs & co” from the name because it felt too limiting for what I feel this space is evolving in to.

My hope is to evolve this space into the place I have been dreaming of; a space of support and nurturing for those experiencing trauma or have had been through trauma and abuse. As well as providing herbal remedies in support of healing and processing through the dark shadows we all carry. Specifically the shadows that exist from trauma and abuse.

A little bit more about myself, to explain who I am and why it is my hope and dreams to provide this kind of space.

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse/incest, and I also have deconstructed [started that process roughly 8 years ago] from extremely evangelical/patriarchal christianity. I discovered my love and connection to herbs and herbal remedies about 3 years ago, and really started digging into my Irish roots. I call myself a shadow witch, as my entire life’s thread is crisscrossed with trauma, abuse, and shadow work. It is my dream to take the lessons I have learned through processing my own trauma and to then hold space for others walking through the same shadows. I want those who have been and still are in similar places to know they are not alone. And however that looks like, I am moving forward as the Fates guide and the Universe gives opportunities.

I want to be inclusive and supportive in this space, with the full acknowledgement that I will mess up. But I desire to learn and grow and hold unconditional space for those deep in the fight for their autonomy and sovereignty, working to regain their power that was stolen because of abuse.

I am not entirely sure what the evolution of this space will look like, but I am trusting my guides as I move forward and into the space I’m supposed to hold.

With much love,

Maeve – Shadow Rose Botanica