What are Infused Oils?

There’s some confusion over what herbal infused oils actually are and what they do. So I’d like to take a few minutes to write out a description and hopefully clear up any confusion!

Long story short – Herbal Infused oils are herbs (dried or fresh) immersed into an oil (olive oil is the most common) and then left to infuse for a few weeks.

Now, here’s the break down. There are several different ways of doing infused oils, and the best one that I have found so far is to allow the herbs and oil to sit for 6ish weeks in a dark place to really get everything out of the herbs the oil needs to.

Another way, depending on the type of herbs you’re infusing, is to stick the jar with the herbs in a sunny windowsill for 4 weeks. I do not like to use this method as the chance of mold forming is a lot higher with the condensation from the heat of the sun. I also am not a fan of using fresh herbs. As fresh herbs naturally hold water, this makes it more possible for the oil to turn rancid or get moldy.

Yet another way is to actually quick infuse using the oven or a crockpot. The method involved setting the oven’s temperature really low (think 175 degrees) and letting herbs and oil “cook” for up to 8 hours. Same goes for the crockpot, however, instead of having the herbs and oil sitting in a pan in the over, it’s best to put the herbs and oils in jars and then filling the crockpot with water around the jar. Setting the crockpot on low and letting the herbs “cook” for 8-12 hours. I have only used this method twice, and only when I really needed the infused oil ASAP.

My oils tend to infuse for 6+ weeks. Usually on the longer end due to life getting in the way or I just don’t feel like doing all the work of straining the herbs out of the oil. (I mean, let’s be honest, it’s kind of messy dealing with a whole jar full of oil and herbs!!)

I tend to ask Spirit to guide my hands when choosing the herbs for a new infused oil. I have so many herbs that it’s not always easy to consciously hang on to what each herb is good fore. But, on the flip side, I am intuitively aware of each herb’s spirit and when I’m working with them, I move as my hands are called to move. Every single time, the herbs I chose are exactly what I wanted and line up with the support I hope the oil will provide. I rarely do a single herb infused oil, but I am going to start adding that to my shelf of oils. Especially since I will be providing small 4oz jars of individual herbal infused oils for purchase.

Here are a few pictures of one of the first ever oils I made. Speaking of which, I really miss this oil, I need to go find the recipe! I called it Aphrodite’s Oil as it had lavender, jasmine flowers, and damiana in it. Jasmine and damiana are good for boosting libido and the lavender of course is for relaxing and settling the mind.

Alright, let’s move on to what infused oils can do! When an herb is infused into an oil, the herb’s medicine is transferred in to the oil. Tinctures are probably the purest form of a herbal infusion, in so far as the herb’s medicine will reach the problem spots faster. But infused oils are very potent for supporting healthy skin conditions and allowing for the skin to absorb all that goodness in topically.

How to use Infused Oils –

  • topically applied like lotion daily – this is a good way to start treating dry skin and helping your body get the support it needs!
  • bath oil – this is my favorite way to use a “plain” infused oil. I love to pour about 2-3 tablespoons of oil into a bath with epsom salts to get a double effect of relaxation from the salts and a boost from the oil.
  • base for salves, balms, and other such products – this is how I’ll be using infused oils in Shadow Rose’s products.

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