What Products Will Shadow Rose Herbs & Co Carry?

When Shadow Rose Herbs first came to me, I knew one of my first products would be something involving Infused Oils. I have watched and explored around some of the shops in Denver and haven’t been able to find exactly what I’ll be making and selling. Which is probably why I have been making these things for myself for almost a year now!

So what are infused oils?

Long story short – herbal infused oils are oils that have had herbs sitting in them for a month to month and a half. There are many different kinds of oils to use; olive oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, fractionated coconut oil, sunflower oil, etc. There are several different ways of infusing the herbs/plants into the oils, but the one I like the best is pouring my oil over the herbs in a jar that will seal tightly, then letting it sit for 4-6 weeks. This is the method I use for most of my infused oils.

Besides infused oils, I am looking in to Essential Oil Blends that help support what the infused oils are doing. I have looked into joining a MLM essential oil company, but every time I took a step in that direction, something stopped me. And the reason is, essential oils are only a very small part of the plant. Being such a small part means that even though you can feel effects from essential oils fairly quickly, there is no long lasting effect. You are not getting the full plant’s medicine. Which is why I have decided to blend infused oils with supporting essential oils. This way, you get the entire benefit of the whole plant, then have essential oils supporting the work the infused oil does.

Another product that I will be including is a variety of Tinctures. Tinctures should be the first go to when there is an acute situation, such as a stomach ache or fever. Tinctures are another herbal infusion, but the menstruum (fluid) used is generally a form of alcohol. Making a tincture is a similar process to that of an infused oil. The difference is a tincture is taken orally. Tinctures are good for acute situations but also for long term chronic conditions. A tincture will get into your bloodstream a lot quicker than a capsule or applying something topically. The alcohol makes for a good medium for getting the herbs in to where you need them.

A variation of a tincture I will also be making, is what is called a Herbal Glyercite. This is essentially the same as a tincture, but instead of using an alcohol menstruum, I use vegetable glycerin. Glycerin is a good alternative for tinctures for children and those who do not tolerate or do not want an alcohol based tincture. Another variate is called an Aceta, but I have to play around with that one still. It has a menstruum of vinegar, so I want to make sure if I do use vinegar it will actually be palatable. The tinctures and glycerites I have made so far are very palatable and the Elderberry and Echinacea one I made for my kids is one of their favorite things!

I am toying with the idea of adding a few skin care products, specifically for those with sensitive skin and for those who do not want a lot of excess products in their skin care. But I have to do a lot of experimentation before I am willing to introduce those products!

In the meantime, I am working on getting my logo finished and continuing to work through my lists! Please share your thoughts or of a product(s) you’d like to see me sell!

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