The Journey Begins

As I begin this new adventure, I think it’s a good time to share some of my own story.

Hi, I’m Maeve! I’m 28 years old and have been exploring my Pagan roots and herbalist ancestry for the past few years. I have been wrestling and learning to manage chronic pain for most of my life, and I have an extensive personal background in researching and understanding modern medicine. And now I’m turning to the plants, and their medicine, and am learning more every day as I research and create and listen.

Ever had something happen where friends and family have all asked you the exact same thing? That is how Shadow Rose Herbs & Co started. Not only do I have a long history of chronic pain, multiple surgeries, and massive hormonal imbalances, I am also the survivor of childhood sexual abuse and significant childhood trauma. Learning and interacting with herbs and herbal remedies has been so healing to me. It’s helped me feel like I have some autonomy and has given me the tools to pull back the power that was stripped away from me. Creating herbal products means I am finally realizing a dream I’ve had for a long time, and the Universe is giving me the means to make this all come about.

My goal with Shadow Rose Herbs & Co is to create a space and products for supporting healing from trauma. Not only healing from trauma, but supporting healing mentally and emotionally. I cannot pretend to be a doctor, and I will never claim to be one, but I do have my own research and the work I’ve done with my own personal doctor. I can give information about whether an herb will interact with a certain medication, and hopefully help provide gentle support alongside modern medicine. The majority of the products I have already planned out are products that include herbal infused oils – using the entire plant and asking for that plant’s spirit to be infused into the oil – and adding in supporting essential oils. I have a long list of the things I actually want to create, but in an effort to not overwhelm myself, I will only be starting with roughly 4-5 products. So keep an eye out for those coming to the “shelves” in a few weeks/months!

I am very excited to be on this journey with you all, and to see where this goes. I am working with a dear friend to create the logo for Shadow Rose Herbs & Co, and I currently trying to figure out what my budget allows as far as building an online store presence. Things are coming together, quickly, so we’ll see!

Thanks for following along!


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